IIUM Academy


The programme of Master of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Heritage in Usul al-Din and Comparative Religion aims to develop graduates with deep understanding of the fundamentals of Islamic belief and ethical systems. On the basis of that, the graduates will be able to spread proper understanding of the worldview of Islam and contribute toward global peace and harmony.

Programme Objective

To develop students’ mastery of scholarly contributions, theories and ideas in usul al-din and comparative religion.

To inculcate the principle of wasatiyyah (proper balance) as the proper mode of Islamic discourse and inter-religious dialogues.

To provide proper perspectives for solving inter-religious issues pertaining to extremism, deviant teachings, human rights issues and inter and intra religious conflicts.

To strengthen students’ competence in using usul al-din principles to deal with the study of philosophy, civilizations, ideologies and other religions.

Programme Outcome

Ability to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles in Usul al-Din and Comparative Religion.

Ability to propagate Islam as a religion that enriches human beings spiritually, intellectually, socially and professionally.

Ability to appropriately appraise and examine issues surrounding the Ummah and propose solutions for them.

Programme Duration

Normal Duration: 2 years

Maximum Duration: 4 years

Curriculum Structure

Component No. of courses Credit hours
Core courses 10 30
Academic exercise* 2 10
Total   40

*For academic exercise, students will be asked to write two academic articles of about 5000 words each.

The compulsory courses are:

Research Methodology

Islamization of Knowledge

Muslim Scholarship in Comparative Religion

Belief Systems and Ideologies

Islamic Critical Thinking

Development of Islamic Thought

Comparative Ethics

Western Scholarship in Comparative Religion

Textual Studies from the Books of Tafsir

Studies in Comparative Fiqh

Entry Requirement

A relevant Bachelor’s degree (honours) from IIUM or any other accredited institution of higher learning;

A Bachelor’s CGPA of 2.75 and above or its equivalent;

An English proficiency score of Band 6 on IIUM’s English Placement Test (EPT).

An Arabic proficiency score of Band 6 on IIUM’s Arabic Placement Test (APT).

Note: The English and Arabic proficiency requirements are waived for IIUM graduates who had obtained the required scores at the undergraduate level.